Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Story-The End..

Because I care too  was me who hurt the most before.

It's not the choice that I regretted, it's the journey.

 The memories you left..they are meaningful to me.
The first time we met,the first day we date,the first smile you gave,
and the day you left,
all of them are the memories that I never forget.

I can't afford you money.I can't afford you expensive watch.
I afford nothing except the flowers and that stupid couple ring.
But I hope you still keep it.

I may not be a good boyfriend to you.
A boy friend to make your happy enough.
A boyfriend to make you smile always.But, I've tried my best in every way possible.
No matter how much I mean to you,
you're the sweetest rose and the best girlfriend I've ever had.

It's not I forget you that I can't accept you.
But it is fear.
Fear to get crushed for the second time.
Because I know when it is happen,
it will be painful,
much painful than before.

Good bye dear.Wish you the best for your life!

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