Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Manage Your Income Wisely

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Managing your money

Managing income is a big issue we face every day.No matter who you are-the poor or the rich- wrong budgetting always put you in trouble.

Some budgeting ideas

Regularly put money aside whenever you get paid. That way, you know there’s money to pay your bills. It’s also a great way to save for a goal – like a holiday. You can:
-open a separate bank account and make an automatic payment into it every time you get paid – ask your bank about this, or
-take out a set amount of money every time you get paid and leave the rest in your bank account. A good way to save but you need a lot of discipline.
-Pay off your debts as soon as you can because the longer you have a debt, the more interest you’re charged, and the more money you owe.An easy way to pay off a debt is to put a bit towards it every time you get paid (but only after you’ve paid your bills). You can organise to pay it straight from your bank account so you don’t have to think about it – and you’re not tempted to use the money for other things. Ask your bank about automatic payments.
-Only buy the things you need if you really want to pay off your debts and get closer to reaching your goals. The good thing is – when you’re closer to where you want to be you’ll be able to afford the little luxuries more and more often.

Talking with a budget advisor

A budget advisor is someone who can help you set up a budget for free. They can help you to:
-set up a budget
-draw up a plan for your future
-find ways to make budgeting easier
-work out how to save money and reduce debt
-get ideas on how to make more money
-deal with banks and people you owe money to
find other people who may be able to help.
-They will also offer encouragement and support as well as give you the right advice for managing your money.

When you meet your advisor, please bring these things with you so they can help you work out a budget immediately:
-details of your household income
-bank account statements
-your regular bills
-details of any money you owe such as mortgages, hire purchases and credit cards
-details of any other expenses.

Remember, a budget advisor’s job is to give you advice and support – they’re not counsellors, and they won’t control your money or give you money to pay off your debts. If you need help with these things, your advisor will be happy to give you details of people who may be able to help.
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