Friday, November 18, 2011

Eureka!!Simply hack into any Wifi Connection

Finallyy,after few days googling and learnig I got to now how to hack wifi password.It is easy but need little understanding.
I can't post it now because the tutorial is still under construction(made by my ownself).Maybe in next few days I'll release it.

The first Wifi connection I hacked was my neighbour.AND SURE IT really worked.

So wanna check it out?..Just wait.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lawak-lawak Juga..Tapi..

Waktu hari raya aidiladha baru-baru ni aku ade tengok satu program komedi iaitu SYOK kat TV1.

Memula aku tengok bolehla layan kepala yang tengah kusut sangat masa tu pasal kehabisan tiket nak balik kampus.
Dalam dok tengok tu ade satu babak ni antara Johan,Saiful Apek, Kartina Aziz ngan Adibah Noor.Babaknya,Apek nak mintak kartina aziz tu mendoakan untuknya memandangkan dalam babak tu watak si
Kartina Aziz tu nak pergi ke Mekah untuk menunaikan haji.So si Apek ni pun bawak keluarlah satu list panjang yang menyenaraikan hajat-hajatnya tuh.

Tapi,ada satu part tu dalam list ada satu hajat yang yang tertera nombor-nombor.Nie kira part lawaklah nie.Rupanya nombor2 tu nombor ekor.

Terkejut gak aku degan lawak diorang tu.Ya lah,walaupun sekadar lakonan,tapi aku rasa lawak nak minta orang 'mendoakan' supaya kena nombor ekor tu adalah sesuatu yang tidak sesuai.
Harap lain kali kalau nak buat lawak tu kenalah peka sikit supaya nanti taklah melampaui batas.Kan2.

Monday, October 31, 2011



Don't Underestimate the Delivery
A great speech on paper is not a great speech unless it is delivered effectively. The number one thing that you can do to improve your delivery is to practice. Know your content. Know your transitions. Know your timing. Stand up and deliver your speech in the bathroom before you deliver it in the boardroom. Here are a few things to keep in mind for an effective delivery:

Eye Contact
Use it. The audience connects with you through your eyes. Avoiding eye contact can also be a red flag to the audience that you are not confident in what you are saying or that you are hiding something. Don’t focus your attention on one person, but instead spread your eye contact around to members of the audience. One technique you can try is: One Person, One Thought. The means that for each though in your speech make eye contact with one person. On the next thought, go to the next person.

Hand Gestures

Hand Gestures Can Be Effective
Using them can definitely be good, especially to emphasize a point, but you also don’t want to overdo it and distract the audience. If you are like most people and not sure what to do with your hands, the best rule of thumb is to limit your hand movement and don’t put them in your pockets.

Movement can represent confidence to the audience. Too much movement, however, is a sign of nervousness. Try to avoid pacing or rocking back and forth. If you are speaking behind a podium, one tip you might try is, at an appropriate time in your speech move to the side of the podium. This shows the audience you are not “hiding” behind the podium. Finally, remember not to slouch. Standing straight projects confidence.

Facial Expressions
Don’t be afraid to use facial expressions. If you know you are saying something funny, then smile. If you are talking about something serious, show a look of empathy. A stony face will make you seem aloof, while an expressive face can help you connect with the audience.

Vary Your Voice
How you say something can be just as important as what you are saying. Pay attention to your tone and your speed. Don't talk to fast. No Yelling. And avoid the soft voice that can't be heard. Use your pace and tone to emphasize important ideas. And always remember to vary both. Monotone and monospeed are two common pitfalls you want to avoid.

Dress the Part
Certain speaking situations will call for more professional dress than others. Dressing well will often make you feel and look more confident, and may even add some credibility. The just-rolled-out-of-bed look is unlikely to impress your audience.

Get Plenty of Rest and Arrive on Time
Arrive on time and ready to go. Being tired can weaken your memory and lower your energy level. Try to get a good night's sleep before your speech. It will help you keep the energy level high when you are talking.

Take Your Time
Take your time and allow everyone to absorb what you are saying. A speech is not a race. Start slow and if you see that your audience wants you to speak a little faster, then, and only then, start to pick up the pace.

Pause for Important Ideas
Pauses are good. They let your audience think about your words. Try to pause after the most important points in your speech.

Find a Friendly Face
When you deliver your speech, look for a friendly face. This will give you encouragement throughout your speech. Don't stare at the person, but periodically look over for a little boost in confidence.


Aku tahu nun di luar sana pasti rami pelajar lepasan SPM yang masih samar-samar sama ada nak masuk matrikulasi ataupun program pasca-SPM yang lain.
So what?

Aku kat sini nak share la sikit experience sebagai salah seorang bekas pelajar SPM yang dulu pun pening jugak fikir nak masok yang mana satu.

So dalam-dalam pening tu aku pun pilihlah PASUM(Progam Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya).Dalam pikiran aku ni,dengan menyambung pelajaran dekat PASUM ni maka cerahlah masa depan aku.Ye lah,kurang-kurang aku dah ade mase depan denagn Universiti Malaya.

Sangkaan aku nyata meleset.Rupa-rupanya,tempat aku kt UM tuh masih belum terjamin lepas aku habis PASUM nanti.Pasal aku masih kena bersaing denagn budak-budak matrik.

Nyata walaupun korang mengambil program foundation di bawah UM sendiri,namun itu tidak bermaksud korang akan diberi keutamaan untuk terus kekal di bawahnya.

Tentang syllabus,sudah tentu PASUM mempunyai standard yang lebih tinggi.Ini kerana syllabus PASUM adalah di bawah seliaannya sendiri dan sedikit berbeza daripada matrikulasi.

Bagusya,walaupun korang perlu struggle gila-gila untuk score 3 pointer and above,korang mungkin akan lebih relaks sewaktu korang melanjutkan elajaran di peringkat ijazah kerana korang mempunyai basic yang lebih baik berbanding dengan rakan-rakan korang di matrikulasi.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Man becomes man not only by his intelligence, but his by his heart” Henri Frederic Amiel -edited.

I believe, that the most natural way, to develop your intelligence on a daily basis, is to live by the unspoken principles that a child lives by. When you allow you’re consciousness to deepen its connection to its inborn qualities, you will see a rapid transformation in your intellect, sense of fulfilment and joy.

Be Inquisitive be Child Like

Children learn at an amazing pace and you can too. Children are always asking questions, what’s this, what’s that, how does this work, how does that work, why, how etc. Children can really go on and on, it can drive you up the wall, however, that’s how we all acted in are early years to some degree or another.

Being inquisitive’ led us to learn at an amazing rate, from the time of birth, to this moment now, growing stronger and stronger daily, learning new things ever day, building new mental connections with the environment and the people within it.

Natural Mind Stimulation

When you go to work, college, university or wherever you go on a regular basis – take a different route, it may be longer but it will give you the opportunity to see different places and people.

Be conscious of your environment, notice the trees, the people on the bus or train, the people you pass on the street, the buildings the landscape – take it all in, Be aware like a child is in a new environment.

Be inquisitive be varied Try Something Different

Get out their – go some place that you would not normally go. if you’re the type of person- who enjoys the “quiet slow pace, walk in the park type life style ”, go do something different, theirs a whole world of choices out there, for instance you could, get down on the dance floor with some salsa classes or paint balling with friends, how about kick boxing, explore your wild or energetic side, be adventurous.

If you’re a wild child cool it down for a change and get interested in the more subtle side of life. Go for a bike riding along a river, have a walk in the park, fine tune your senses, visit a library or gallery, be like a tourist and visit places of interest in your city, or even take a break to the countryside. Your personality will become multidimensional by opening up your awareness to new things, which intern will enrich your character.

Use your new inquisitive aptitude to develop your Social Intelligence

Develop your social intelligence by exercising your rapport building skills, converse with people from all walks of life… pay special attention to what the other person has to say, rather then waiting for your turn to speak, you will learn allot and gain new insists.

The intelligent person listens and feels what is being said to them before responding, the intelligent person first seeks to understand then seeks to be understood, this is the golden role of communication.

Have a Positive and inquisitive Attitude

• In private and in public having a positive attitude is essential to the smooth running of your mental energies.

• In private, a positive aptitude allows you to learn quicker, because your mind is clear of negative thoughts and feeling that slow down your thinking and more intuitive abilities.
• In public your positive attitude will make you a more magnetic person; people will find you easier to speak too, and get along with.

Conscious Character Building … Using my time wisely

During the time I spent working in the Security Industry, I insured that my free time at work was used wisely because in this line of work there is a lot of standing /sitting around waiting for something to happen. I was able to utilise my time reflecting, studying, reading material on subjects such as – Personal Development, Stock Market Investment, Business and Finance, History and Politics to name but a few and all the while I was getting paid, its was like my job in Security was my means to further my education.

Part of my role involved being booked for Private Jobs such as Corporate Events and Celebrity Functions. I would mingle in with the crowd and exercise my communication and social skills. This was great because I was getting paid-while I consciously developed my confidence and inter personal skills.

I would get into conversations with Television and Movie Directors – Actors and Musicians- Artists, Members of Management from different levels and Politicians. Speaking of Politicians I met former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, I didn’t get the opportunity to speak to him in any great detail, but it was nice to exchange a few words and to interact with. I have also met and spoken to Sir Richard Branson, best known as the Boss of the Virgin Brand, which was very interesting.

Working as a Security Agent, I made it a priority to look for and take advantage of any opportunities to further my growth and knowledge. It is certainly not standard practice to interact with VIPs in the way I did. Security Agents normally keep a low profile, keeping an eye on things from the side line. Take a look around, explore your environment, be inquisitive take a deeper look at your surrounding be proactive at Work, University or School get involved, learn the workings of such structures.

Make the most out of it

• It is a must that you use your time wisely and creatively in order to maximise the value of the moments in your day. Theirs always something you can do to add too or train your intelligence.

• Utilise the opportunities presented in your environment, this is not only the key to growing your intelligence, but it is the key to uncovering the value in any moment.

• See how you can make the most out of your environment; look for opportunities to make the most out of your circumstances.

• See what you can learn, get into conversations with people, members staff and management. Ask questions!

People are walking encyclopaedias

• Be interested in what people have to tell/teach you, everyone has something good to say to you. See people as walking fun encyclopaedias, just waiting to tell you what’s in their heads. You can learn a lot, when we get interested in people, the more you speak to people the stronger your social intelligence grows.

• Probe people; see how you can deepen the connection between you and the person you’re speaking to. Get into their psychology find out what makes them tick, what their interest are, be open and honest, be ready to give.

• Allow the people that you come into contact with to educate you in their field of knowledge. It is both enriching to you and enriching to the person you’re with. It gives them the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and concepts.
Look for what is relevant to you. Find out what their perspective is on life and general issues find out if their can tell you some thing you don’t already know.

• What can people tell you about things, that can help you or at least point you in the right direction to something you are looking for? It could be anything from entertainment to investment, find out what books they are reading, where did they take their last holiday, where have they travelled to in the past, find out what made them go there, what places would their recommend and why etc.

• Let the people you come in contact with tell you about their work, hobbies and interests allow you’re self to enter into their world, see what you can learn from them. People have a lot to say and your environment has a lot to offer.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Huh..aku rasa dah lama tak update blog ni.Maklumlah urusan sana sini.Bukannya apa kadang-kadang tu sibuk dok baca blog orang lain sampai lupa ade blog sendiri.

Wokeyh..back to the main story..hari ni aku nak share ngan korang satu pengalaman aku waktu balik kampung baru-baru nie baru-baru nie.

Alkisahnya,waktu tu aku nak balik kampung nun di utara sana.Memandangkan waktu tu takde trip terus ke tempat maka terpaksalah aku berhenti dekat pudu dulu dari Melaka.Nasib aku memenag baik pasal aku masih dapat tiket kol 9 malam walaupun aku sampai dah pukul 8.50.Maka terpaksaklah aku 'rushing' ke platform yang sepatutnya.

Sangkaan aku nyata tepat,walaupun dah dekat 40 minit aku tunggu bas tak sampai2..aku ushar la penumpang2 yg dok menunggu tu.. muka suma dah macam kulit kayu..Last2 kali datangla sorang brader yg bertugas kt kaunter tiket.Tanpa sedikitpun rasa bersalah,dia  mengarahkan kami menaiki bas T********* yg ade waktu tu dan tunggu plak kt Jalan Duta.Apa lagi aku pun terus.."woih,agak2 la sket orang dah tunggu punya lama kt sini boleh plak suka2 hati suruh tnggu kt Jalan Duta.Ingat kami naik free ape?"..Namun,takde respon dari brader tu dan dia kembali ke lah dah aku cakap dalam hati(cehh..buat lawak plak).

Aku pun terus naik bas lain ke Jalan Duta.Aku pon cop la satu seat nie.Dalam aku dok tunggu bas gerak tu,ade la sorang pak cik nie,aku tengok die macam lost with no direction(hmm..macam lirik lagu ) mencari tempat duduknya.Aku pon terus pelawa dia dok sebelah aku pasal kalau pak cik tu nakkan seat yg tertulis macam dalam tiket tu,confirm xdapatlah pasal penumpang2 yg senasib macam aku terus sebat je mana seat kosong.

Aku seperti biasa terus memaniskan muka mengukir senyuman kat pak cik tu.Aku pon tanyalah pakcik tu datang dari mana nak ke mana."Owh,pak cik dari UM..Universtiti Malaya..petang tadi baru habis konvo anak pak cik..dia dapat degree kt sana".
Jawap pak cik tue dengan nada sedikit tinggi waktu menyebut UNIVERSITI MALAYA..Aku  pon mengangguk sambil menyatakan kekaguman(kena la jaga hati orang tua).

Pastu,die tanya plak aku study kt mana.Sengaja aku nak tengok reaksi pak cik tu,aku pon cakap la yang aku dah tak study dah tapi bekerja kt KL sebaik tamat SPM.Apa lagi pak cik tu pon,"Kt KL nie memang banyak keja.Kau bawak SPM pon boleh dapat kerja.Tp tue la gji tak seberapa la..Macam anak pak cik tu,kalu dia guna degree die mintak keja gaji kurang-kurang pon dua ribu setengah.Tambah pulak lepasan UM,syarikat2 besar mesti berebut2lah nakkan orang macam dia tue",kata pak cik tu dengan rileksnye tanpa menjaga perasaan orang lain.Aku tersenyum tawar.

Niat aku nak bersembang nagn pak cik sementara tunggu sampai kt Jalan Duta terus terbatal.Aku pon mencapai earphone lalu terus aku bukak lagu F*** You nyanyian Lily Allen.

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I'm not korean-drama addict.This is the first korean I watched.But,seriously this is the best ever drama I've ever saw.Funny enough to make me laugh.


What exactly is IQ?

Depending on whom you ask. Many people even know that a clinical psychologist in addition to the measurement of cognitive abilities is the first widely accepted that developed the French psychologist, Binet, when he was tasked with improving government services to school children who have developmental disorders. Lewis Terman of Stanford fix it, and creates what is called the Stanford-Binet, which when you are old enough now, once you get when you enter vocational school. There are also other types such as the Wechsler tests, for example, WAIS-IV for adults and WISC-IV for children.

At present, Charles Spearman, one of the great figures of psychology, found that when we give certain kinds of intelligence tests - for example to design a building design or solve a problem of logic - the score is different, but strongly correlated with each other. The conclusion is that there is a major factor behind these tests, with a minor factor in the set top score slightly higher or lower - the main factor is called g, or "general intelligence (general). The idea of g is still used today. IQ test score is given to us; g is the hidden construction which we can not measure directly. He is partly reflected in IQ scores. The purpose of clinical and cognitive psychologists in designing an IQ test right now is close to g as closely as possible.

For most psychologists, see g as looking at pornography. You know it's porn, but you can not define it. David Wechler attempted to define, according to g is a "global or aggregate capacity of individuals to act on purpose, to think rationally and effectively cope with their environment." It is the ability of your reasoning tools to adapt to the environment, or the kind of environment that may exist.

In the study of intelligence, no such thing as Flynn Effect. Dr. Flynn discovered that IQ increased an average of 30 points every 100 years. We are more intelligent in some things than our grandparents.

This increase is clearly too high if only because of genetics. Grandparents we have a gene similar to us. Therefore, 30-point IQ difference is due to the environment and learning.

Dr. Flynn explains this difference is a difference in learning abstract thinking. Our ancestors lived on Earth as a practical person who had to concentrate on concrete issues, problems of everyday life. IQ tests are tests that abstract. Now, we are taught to think abstractly. As a result, our IQ test score increases.

Abstract thinking is thinking in a logical generalization and abstraction, while the concrete thinking is to think straight (literally) and bound to the impression of the senses at that time.


This is the video related to sql injection

Rachel Corrie..The Candle In The Wind

Monday, September 12, 2011


What is really sql injection?
And what is the relationship to the hacking?..Here it is..

SQL injection is an attack in which malicious code is inserted into strings that are later passed to an instance of SQL Server for parsing and execution. Any procedure that constructs SQL statements should be reviewed for injection vulnerabilities because SQL Server will execute all syntactically valid queries that it receives. Even parameterized data can be manipulated by a skilled and determined attacker.

The primary form of SQL injection consists of direct insertion of code into user-input variables that are concatenated with SQL commands and executed. A less direct attack injects malicious code into strings that are destined for storage in a table or as metadata. When the stored strings are subsequently concatenated into a dynamic SQL command, the malicious code is executed.

The injection process works by prematurely terminating a text string and appending a new command. Because the inserted command may have additional strings appended to it before it is executed, the malefactor terminates the injected string with a comment mark "--". Subsequent text is ignored at execution time.

The following script shows a simple SQL injection. The script builds an SQL query by concatenating hard-coded strings together with a string entered by the user:
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